Affiliates has great tools for any individual seeking to improve their work and life. If you have a website you can offer your visitors a MAPP career assessment.

Do well by doing good with our Partner Program offers valuable resources for anyone looking to elevate their career and personal life. Rarely are their legitimate opportunities to earn income while also helping others. Over 9,000,000 have taken the MAPP Assessment. As a partner, you can extend the benefits of a MAPP career assessment to your website, clients, or social media visitors.
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By featuring the MAPP career assessment, or any of our other specialized products, you can enrich your site's content while offering valuable services to your audience. This not only provides them with Free insightful assessments but also options to purchase detailed reports.

Rewarding Revenue Share
Earn a substantial income through our revenue-sharing model. You'll receive a share of the earnings based on Qualified MAPP Revenues, as per the revenue-sharing schedule we set. Currently, we start with a generous 30% share of Qualified Revenues.
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Many leading career & self-help focused websites have already partnered with Becoming a partner is a hassle-free method to bolster your website’s value, ensuring that visitors not only remember your site but also come back frequently.

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Embarking on this partnership is simple. Just complete our Partner Registration Form and add the designated link to your site. We’ll then issue your earnings on a quarterly basis (monthly if your audience has scale). Once you've registered, you'll receive your unique partner link right away.

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