How to Utilize Unique MAPP Assessment Profiles from Proven Performers for Effective Job Profiling

Job profiling is an essential process to match the right candidate with the right job. By understanding the motivational profile for specific roles within your company, you can ensure that new hires not only have the necessary skills but are also intrinsically motivated to excel in their roles. Here's a guide to leveraging our job profiling system effectively:

  1. Understand the Three Profiling Options: Our system offers three unique methods to create a motivational profile for jobs:
    • Copy ONET Profile: Leverage profiles from the Dept. of Labor's ONET Database, a comprehensive resource containing profiles for various roles.
    • Nearest Neighbor: If you have an exemplary employee and wish to find someone with a similar profile, use this method. It requires the motivational profile of one top performer.
    • Composite: Best suited for established roles, this method requires the motivational profiles of your top five performers in a specific position.
  2. Utilize the Composite Method for Best Results:
    For the most accurate and encompassing job profile, we recommend the Composite method. Here’s how:
    1. Identify the five most content and top-performing individuals in the specific role.
    2. Have these individuals undertake the MAPP assessment. This test will evaluate various aspects of their motivations and preferences.
    3. Our system will then aggregate the data from these five profiles to generate a comprehensive motivational profile for the job.
  3. Alternative Approaches:
    • Nearest Neighbor: Particularly useful when there’s only one person in a job role and you want to replicate their success in a new hire. It's also handy when creating new positions.
    • ONET Database: If you're unsure about the motivational requirements of a job or if it’s a new role, the ONET database can be a starting point. It offers over 1000 job profiles to help you get started.
  4. Considerations: Remember, the objective of job profiling is not just about matching skills but ensuring that the person’s intrinsic motivations align with the role. This leads to better job satisfaction, performance, and retention.

By employing these methods and focusing on the motivations of proven performers, you can significantly enhance the recruitment process, ensuring you bring onboard individuals who are not just qualified but are also genuinely aligned with the role's intrinsic demands.

The MAPP Career Assessment stands out as the premier tool for creating motivational job profiles due to its meticulous focus on intrinsic motivations and personal potentials. Unlike generic profiling tools that might focus primarily on skills or experience, the MAPP delves deeper, exploring an individual's inherent preferences, drives, and potential within a professional context. This means that when you profile a position using the MAPP assessment, you're not just understanding what skills are necessary, but more critically, what kind of person will thrive in that role. When this nuanced understanding is combined with the profiles of proven performers in a role, the resulting job profile is exceptionally targeted and effective. The alignment of an individual's innate motivations with the demands of the job leads to increased satisfaction, higher performance, and reduced turnover — making the MAPP Career Assessment an indispensable tool for modern, insightful recruitment.

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