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The $119.95 Career Seeker Package consists of:
  1. A complete MAPP Career Motivational Appraisal, 22+ pages in length, which includes
  2. Top Ten Job Areas you should consider based on your motivations
  3. The complete Vocational Analysis
  4. Numerical and graphical presentations of all 72 worker trait codes*
  5. Narrative interpretation of your ratings in all 9 worker trait groups*
  6. A Motivational Qualities Report - summaries of your top 6 motivators written for ease of use in a resume.
  7. A Complete ranked listing of how well they match to all 1000+ O*NET Job Details
  8. Detailed In-Depth Career Outlook information, such as earning potential, expected training, job outlook, etc. from the US Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook
  9. And more...

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