For an interview with Assessment.com's leadership on the MAPP test, career testing and career-related stories, contact:

Maria Verven, Verve P.R.

Henry Neils, President

Founder of Assessment.com, Henry started Assessment.com in 1994 when consumers had to seek a professional to take a career test. He modified a test developed by a relative, had it independently verified and validated, and the test first went “live” in 1995. Henry has more than 30 years’ experience in technology, computer software, telecommunications and artificial intelligence. A successful entrepreneur, Henry also founded ZH Computer Inc., a Minneapolis-based technology incubator. Prior to starting Assessment.com in 1994, Henry was VP of Technology at CPT Corp., an early supplier of word processing systems. He was also VP of Technology at Moniterm Corp., a leading supplier of hi-res monitors. Henry is a graduate of The Blake School in Minneapolis and holds numerous post-graduate degrees.

Frederic H. Sweeny, CEO

Fred is CEO of Assessment.com and also works with Henry Neils as CEO of ZH Computer. Fred is President and CEO of Venture Management Group, which helps companies create business plans, raise capital and develop marketing strategies. He has over 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing management for technology companies. Previously, Fred was VP of Astrocom Corporation, President and CEO of Unimax Systems Corp., President and CEO of Check Technology Corporation, and EVP of Printware, Inc. He has held various sales management positions at Lee Data Corporation, Univac, Computer Optics, Inc. and Four Phase Systems. He holds a B.S. degree from the University of Connecticut, and serves on several boards.

Ward C. Johnson, Business Development

Ward co-founded Assessment.com with Henry in 1994 and is also co-founder of ZH Computer Inc., a Minneapolis-based technology incubator. A long history of being an entrepreneur, Ward has more than 30 years’ experience in technology, telecommunications, graphic systems, computer software, and artificial intelligence. He was founder and president of Moniterm Corp., (hi-res monitors), founder of Micro Display Systems (computer graphic systems), founder of Production Technologies (a systems integrator), founder and president of Image-In Software-US (image processing software), founder and president of VideoLabs (video camera systems), and founder of World Wide Packets (last-mile FTTH systems). Mr. Johnson is a Chemical Engineering (BSChE) graduate of the University of Minnesota.