Career Testing Story Ideas

Here is just a sample of some story ideas involving career testing and its benefits for students, the unemployed, people who want to switch careers, and many others. For more ideas and sources on career-related stories, contact:

Maria Verven, Verve P.R.

The unemployed and career testing
With unemployment at almost 10 percent across the country, a free 15-min. career test can only help. In fact, it helps a lot by enabling people to identify their strengths, giving them the “shot in the arm” they need to get onto the path to a job and career that's right for them. It can also save them time and money in educational and career “missteps.”

Businesses that help people hurt by the recession
Businesses like are doing well during the recession precisely because they help people who have been affected by the recession. The MAPP career test helps people identify their strengths and motivations, which is the first and most essential step to finding a satisfying career. also has developed an innovative partnership model with career counselors, outplacement firms and others that are helping the unemployed.

Career testing for students
It’s safe to say that many people enroll in college and university classes without having a clear sense of direction and the potential careers they are best suited for. What if they knew where their true strengths and motivations were and what careers would enable them to capitalize on their strengths? We think it could save valuable time and money and help them focus on the training they really need for the career that’s right for them.

How to switch to a new career
With unemployment at an all-time high, many people who are unhappy in their jobs may want to switch to a new career, but are afraid they don’t stand a chance, given today’s competitive job market. Switching careers requires a keen awareness of what you’re really good at as well as a firm commitment to learning and growing at a much-accelerated pace.

Signs of burnout
How do you know if you, a loved one, or someone who reports to you is suffering from burnout? We’ve identified 13 early-warning signs, which range from exploding easily to extreme risk-taking. Interesting point we’ve noticed with our MAPP career test: most people take the test early in the week (Monday morning job blues?).