Career Plan

6 Steps to Career Development

We have designed this career development resource center to provide you with information on how to utilize your MAPP assessment results. Our goal is to give you resources and ideas on applying what you have learned from your MAPP to achieve job satisfaction and personal fulfillment. With MAPP you can choose a career and life plan that best suits your needs.

The following are steps to consider when beginning a career plan or a career change.

  1. Career exploration
    Identify and evaluate career possibilities and research.>
  2. Refine cover letter & resume or brush up skills
    Once you have a career in mind, you will need to decide if you have the skills necessary to find a job in that career field or if you will need to brush up by going back to school.>
  3. Search for jobs
    by networking, online job sites, and other sources.>
  4. Make contact with employers
    Mail or e-mail your resume, call potential employers, set up interviews.>
  5. Negotiate
    Don't accept just ANY compensation...There are a lot of things to consider.>
  6. Enjoy your new challenges and learn from them.
    Continually update your résumé and document your successes. You can now use your MAPP to help you excel in your job. Consider using MAPP for building work teams, hiring, promoting, reorganizing as a company and a personal fulfillment tool. With MAPP the possibilities are endless!>
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