Manage Stress and Burn-Out

Check to see if you suffer from one or more of these 13 early-warning signs

When you have to work at something you're not motivated or "designed" to do, you'll likely suffer from stress. Keep it up for too long, and you're headed for career burn-out.

Your MAPP career test results will show you what you're truly motivated to do. But if your job requires you to work in areas that are not meaningful, interesting or satisfying, you're not going to be happy for long. Worse, it can actually affect your health and well-being.

So how do you know if you or someone you know is suffering from burn-out? Here are 13 unlucky early-warning signs.

  1. Chronic fatigue - feeling tired and run down
  2. Exploding easily at little things
  3. Self-criticism 
  4. Cynicism, negativity, and irritability
  5. Feeling besieged
  6. Depression
  7. Frequent headaches or stomach pains
  8. Weight loss or gain
  9. Sleeplessness 
  10. Shortness of breath
  11. Suspiciousness
  12. Feeling helpless
  13. Increased risk taking

Fight burn-out. Do what you were designed to do and if you don't know what that is, take the MAPP report