Getting your 1st Entry Level Job

The secret to finding your dream job is taking the first step.

Most people want to know what the perfect job is, and all the steps leading to it, before they’ll budge.

But in the real world, it doesn't work that way. The way it really works is you take one step, and then another one, and yet another until you ultimately land in your dream job.

Tom is a good example. His passion was to produce and direct snowboarding videos. It was a far cry from his job of delivering pizzas where he was barely  making ends meet.

He took the first step and enrolled at a community college to learn about video production. When that was over, he took the next step and got at job at a ski lodge. During his time off, he used a handheld camera to shoot video of snowboarders doing tricks. Next he edited the video, packaged it, and sold it back to the snowboarders. They shared it with their friends, one of which was a producer for a major cable network. The producer contacted Tom and offered him a position as a cameraman and editor. Next thing you know, Tom was directing and producing snowboarding videos -- his dream job come true.

The moral of the story is that you almost never see how you’re going to reach your dream job when you take the first step. There’s no accounting for serendipity.

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