I took the test yesterday. The site was clear and easy to navigate, the test painless, and the reports detailed. From an individual users point of view the report (I sent for the super detailed 30-page report) provided some very accurate insights and offered much food for thought—excellent.

From an employers point of view I thought the report was even more valuable. If I was looking at me as a potential employee (a bit convoluted but I think you'll get what I mean), I would have gained a spot on insight into my strengths, my weaknesses, and most importantly what makes me tick. It would give me (the employer) great insights into whether or not I would be a good match for the position and would be motivated by the opportunity presented; and I would also gather some very pertinent insights on management of me—how to keep me motivated and up to the mark. Now that is the other part of a good hire, getting someone who is understandable and manageable by you, this report would go a long way to making that possible.

Congratulations, obviously a lot of work went into this. I also showed the site and my report to a psychologist pal, and he endorsed the work as well thought out and professionally executed."

Martin Yate
Knock 'Em Dead, Author

MAPP is quick, comprehensive, economical, and user friendly. I would recommend this ‘tool’ for managers, school or career counselors, and those in career transition. The report confirmed my suspicions about my personal strengths and opened my eyes about other possibilities."

Col. A. Faustino
U.S. Army

Thank you for the opportunity to do the MAPP match test. It trully has been the most insightful measure of self assessment I've ever done! Hallelujah! I can get to a career life/style from here. :) Thank you again for a giant let-in-on-knowing me."

MAPP Member

WOW !!!!!!!!! I am impressed with your product. I feel You know me better than I know myself. I was stymied by the task of writing a skills based resume rather than the same old job description. With a written description of me now I can do the resume, face the interview, and get the job. I can not express to you how grateful I am. After 30 years of the same old dry job I finally feel free to pursue the right job for me-----The one I love. I am telling all my friends that you are a godsend. As soon as I have the cash I need I will order the Personal Mapp."

MAPP Member

The MAPP system has been a great source for gaining some clarity on career direction, and has helped to eliminate some areas where I was riding the fence. It was good to see that the directions where my "heart" said I should go also matched highly with the career compatibility/MAPP rating.

Another big asset was the direct connection to the Occupational Outlook website which gives an extensive overview of career expectations, job growth, salaries and education requirements."

MAPP Member

Thanks for the MAPP online! I have found it stunning for the most part, almost like opening a book and realizing that the book was written about you. I consider your service similar to a trusted mentor offering guidance."

A. Adams
MAPP Member

Let me congratulate all of you for having built this excellent appraisal program. I'd ordered the Personal Appraisal and am continually amazed at the intimacy and accuracy of the findings!"

Siong Y.
MAPP Member

I have to thank you and your organization for the service you offer through Assessment.com. It has changed my life. Before taking it, I was confused, no direction or actually too many directions. Because of this test, I am returning to school to complete a BA in Business Management with an emphasis in marketing.

Before the test, I didn't return to school because what would I focus on? Thank you for making a difference."

R. Alonso
MAPP Member

I took your assessment today and the results are incredible! With 71 questions you were really able to “see” who I am. I am really impressed. The results have really inspired me to pursue work that will enable me to utilize my best traits and skills rather than my professional training as an attorney. I have been floundering in my career and now I have more incentive to pursue more creative and humanistic work. Thanks a lot!"

G. Woods
MAPP Member

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