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Using the MAPP Assessment within Your Company

MAPP is the Motivational Appraisal for Personal Potential

Using the MAPP assessment within your hiring, succession planning and career development processes can save you time, money and raise productivity.

The MAPP reports outline an individual’s motivations toward work, how they prefer to learn, how they prefer to manage or be managed, their preferred communication style and much more. These are all helpful things to know about ourselves as well as our co-workers.

The theory behind the MAPP assessment is that if you align your work tasks with those tasks you are naturally motivated to do, you will be more successful and enjoy what you do. That creates a win-win for both employers and employees!

The difference between motivation and skill is training.

If you train someone with talent and motivation in a given area they are more likely to succeed than someone who has the training and skills but no motivation.

You can certainly learn the skills to perform on a job. However, if you are not motivated to work in that area you will probably get burnt out and quit. Or, even worse, you may even get injured on the job. If you train people in areas they are motivated toward to begin with, they will enjoy what they do and excel at it.

Using MAPP will help you get your employees in the right position and raise employee satisfaction along with productivity.

People who enjoy what they do are more productive.

What does MAPP provide my company with?

MAPP provides your company with an online assessment that takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. The results are available immediately upon completion of the 71-questions.

MAPP can be taken from any computer with Internet access. You do not need to install any software or worry about updates. All MAPP tools are accessed through a website.

As a company, you will have your own online MAPP management center where you can track, view and print all reports of your employees, candidates and clients. You will also have the ability to turn on and off sections of the report that do not pertain to your needs. You can choose to have the individual receive their report, or to only have the company receive the report. You will have the keys to fit MAPP to your needs.

How does the process work?

The individual will go to and enter a key code that you provide them with. This key code will allow them to take the MAPP assessment only one time. The person is then tracked as a member of your account. will not communicate with your employees and/or clients. We will only communicate directly with you.

We encourage you to put the link on your company website so employees can take MAPP from there. We can provide you with logos and graphics if needed.

After the individual takes the assessment the results are immediately available in your online management center. You go to and log in to view all reports and match people to jobs to see where they best fit.

What tools are in the management center?

Within your management center you can view all individual MAPP reports and categorize employees by department. You can create a job match report for the individual against our database of O*Net jobs from the U.S. Department of Labor (free of charge). This database consists of over 1,000 job titles.

You can also create your own custom job profiles to benchmark positions within your company. To create job profiles all you need to do is choose 5 top performers in the job, or 1 top performer in the job, and have them take the assessment. The MAPP system takes care of the rest.

You can then create a job match report showing which jobs your employees match best. This is a great succession-planning tool.

How To Get Set Up

When you purchase the MAPP as a company you will always have access to the full report, equivalent to the $129.95 retail package. We do offer great corporate discounts and volume pricing. For an order form and additional information please contact us at: or 952-921-9368 x115.

As soon as we receive your completed order form your account will be set up within 48 hours. You will be emailed all directions to begin using the assessment right away.

Once you are using the MAPP assessment you can log into your management center to re-order additional assessments (key codes) at any time. The process is online, quick and easy.

Please click here to fill out the form for additional information on MAPP. We will then contact you.

If you already have a corporate MAPP account, click here to log into your management center.