MAPP for Workforce Centers

The MAPP appraisal is an excellent tool that describes the uniqueness of the individual in a positive manner.

The MAPP assessment provides workforce centers with valuable career and training tools that will help guide individuals in their employment search. MAPP gives the counselor and individual a common language to begin with and use in their planning, training and employment process.

If you are working with companies as well as individuals, you can use the MAPP customized job profiles for individuals to match to and for the business to use as a benchmark when hiring and training.

Our goal is to provide you, your employees, and your clients with customized job profiling and career matching tools to promote retention and job satisfaction.

MAPP is easy to use and implement. You can set up your MAPP account within 48 hours and your client's results are available online immediately upon completing the 71-question assessment. There is no wait for results and all the resources you need to get started are at your fingertips.

Your clients will enjoy being able to view their results and research jobs at any time. The MAPP program gives them freedom to explore and learn with you and on their own.

Benefit to the Individual:

MAPP will help you concentrate on building skills and finding work within an area you enjoy.

Benefit to workforce counselors:

Assessment testing is the first step to establish the learner’s strengths and career goals. The MAPP Assessment provides you with a tool to develop career plans and tailor training to fit the learner's individual learning style and career goals.

MAPP is a tool that will empower adults in transition to make positive life changes.