Career Assessment for Jobseekers

MAPP is the Motivational Appraisal for Personal Potential helping you discover what truly motivates you. When you apply your skills in areas you are motivated to work in, you will find your career can be more like a hobby than work.

The MAPP assessment will help you identify your strengths and motivations toward work. MAPP also outlines your learning style, communication style, management style and leadership preferences.

The information provided in the full MAPP reports can help you build confidence, achieve personal fulfillment and successfully market yourself.

The goal of MAPP is to empower you with detailed information about "who" you are and what "makes you tick". Itís always helpful to better understand what we like and dislike. MAPP can help you organize your job search so you can maximize your strengths and minimize the time spent on the tasks you do not enjoy.

We receive email from people every day about how they used MAPP to guide their career search, justify their wants and needs to a family member, communicate more effectively with their boss, and much more. Click here to read some of our favorite testimonials.

MAPP has been used for writing resumes, preparing for interviews, annual performance reviews, choosing work projects, building teams, personal and professional coaching and in many other areas.

When you take the MAPP assessment there are no right or wrong answers- this is just one look at who you are and what excites you. Motivation is something that we cannot help, it is those tasks that we do and enjoy effortlessly, without even thinking about them.

When you align your natural motivations and talents with the work you do, you will enjoy what you do and excel at it.

MAPP will empower you to achieve your goals. Take the Free MAPP Assessment Now.

The assessment consists of 71 triads of three statements. You must select the statement you MOST agree with and the statement you LEAST agree with, leaving one blank. This process takes approximately 20 minutes. Take the MAPP and you can view your results immediately online.

You will receive a free sample report of your top motivators and job areas. If you like what you see, you can choose to purchase a full report. View report options and choose the best one for you.

Take the MAPP assessment now and receive your free sample report.

If you begin taking the assessment and do not have time to finish your work will be saved. You can return to and log in with your email and personal password entered when starting the assessment. The MAPP system will remember who you are and allow you to begin where you left off. You may also log in and view your report(s), or order a more extensive report, at any time.

MAPP is available in fifteen languages; Aribic, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French, Kings English, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Slovakian, Spanish and Swedish.