Executive Coaching, Career Coaching and Life Coaching

MAPP is a terrific job transition and career interest assessment. If Career Coaching, Executive Coaching or Life Coaching are your specialty- this is a tool for you. MAPP is easy to use and is all on-line for your convenience.

MAPP adds value and content to expand your coaching practice. The detailed report provides talking points for you and your coaching clients. If you analyze the worker traits to mentor your clients you will find substantial content with which to work.

When using MAPP you can match your clientís work preferences to the U.S. Department of Laborís O*NET Jobs Database of over 1,000 jobs.

What does MAPP do for my coaching practice?

MAPP provides you with an online assessment that takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. The results are available immediately upon completion of the 71-questions.

MAPP can be taken from any computer with Internet access. You do not need to install any software or worry about updates. All MAPP tools are accessed through a website.

As a coach, you will have your own online MAPP management center where you can track, view and print all client reports. You will also have the ability to turn on and off sections of the report so you can customize the report to fit your coaching style. You can choose to have the individual receive their report, or have it only go to you.

How does the process work?

Your client will go to www.takemapp.com and enter a key code that you provide them with. This key code will allow them to take the MAPP assessment only one time. The person is then tracked as a member of your account. Assessment.com will not communicate with your clients. We will only communicate directly with you.

We encourage you to put the takemapp.com link on your own website so clients can take MAPP from there. We can provide you with logos and graphics if needed.

After the individual takes the assessment the results are immediately available in your online management center. You go to http://recruit.Assessment.com/CareerConsultant/ and log in to view all reports and create job-matching reports.

If your client does not finish the 71-questions they can go back to www.takemapp.com and log in with their email and password used when starting the assessment. Their work will be saved and they can begin answering questions where they left off. The key code is only used one time to give them access to begin the assessment. After that their log in will be their email address and password.

What tools are in the management center?

Within your management center you can view all individual MAPP reports and create a job match report for the individual against our database of O*Net jobs from the U.S. Department of Labor (free of charge). This database consists of more than 1,000 job titles.

How To Get Set Up

When you purchase the MAPP as a coach you will always have access to the full report, equivalent to the $149.95 retail package. Click here to order or contact us for additional information: ward@assessment.com or 952-921-9368 x115.

As soon as we receive your completed order form your account will be set up with-in 48 hours. You will be emailed all directions to begin using the assessment right away.

Once you are using the MAPP assessment you can log into your management center to re-order additional assessments (key codes) at any time. The process is online, quick and easy.

Please click here to learn more or fill out the order form.

If you already have a MAPP coaching account, click here to log into your management center.

Benefits of Coaching with MAPP

  • MAPP Provides a 25+ page assessment of your client's strengths and weaknesses, which you can use as a reference guide while coaching.
  • More than 96% of the over four million people who have taken the assessment agree with the results and will use the results to guide their career. This is a powerful tool to assist your clients.
  • MAPP provides insight into a variety of your client's vocational traits, providing you the opportunity for more effective in-depth coaching and more billable hours.


  • Clients can take the assessment on-line from your password-protected account or as a link from your website.
  • By using our flexible-reporting tool, you can customize the output or the report.
  • You will have an on-line management system complete with MAPP resources, your client information, and account information all available in one convenient location.


Here are a few examples of testimonials we have received from coaches who are using the MAPP Assessment:

  • "MAPP has changed the way I consult. My business would not have grown so fast without the use of MAPP".
  • "One of the unintended results of using the clients' MAPP was that my billable hours actually almost doubled. I made more money from using it than I did before".
  • "The MAPP test is exceptional and I am very impressed with how it is set out. It's not "intimidating" to take and the results are very easy to follow and very professionally presented".
  • "I really appreciate the Restart MAPP feature. My client stopped taking the MAPP in midstream due to an interruption. Fortunately, when he returned, he was able to start right where he left off. It kind of saved the account".
  • "I really enjoyed taking your MAPP Test. I found it enlightening and easy to take".